The Statesman Vintage and Classic Car Rally: Springboard to Springtime

When turning the page of the calendar from January to February many folk, inevitably, take a peep at a nearby tree to spot the fresh green leaves that sprout as winter surrenders to spring. Those more committed to appreciating the bounty of nature relish the prospects of gardens attaining full bloom. The more mechanically inclined are no less-enthused ~ the “season” has come for the motoring magnificence of yesteryear to bask in nostalgia- flavoured glory.

While there been a mushroom growth of festivals focused on vintage cars, the pioneer ~ The Statesman Vintage and Classic Car Rally ~ remains supreme at the pinnacle of a unique brand of delight that that has been enhanced by the fare offered at each of its 50-plus editions. Today will surely see that tradition resonate powerfully. There is little need for a Statesman Rally to “advertise” itself: the large gathering at the Start and Finish, and the cheers the cars attract all along the roads they traverse, testify to the charm of the event.

That special appeal is firmly rooted in the spirit of those participating in the rally. Many of the cars are lovingly preserved for their annual date with the sunshine ~ a task rendered more difficult by unimaginative legal restrictions that deny owners the chance to “work” their cars on a regular basis to ensure operational preparedness. Just think of how effective a court would be if the bench “sat” so infrequently.

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